Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Works for me Wednesday

So I am not going to link my post because chances are I won't remember to post every Wednesday, I just thought of something that has worked really well for me and so I thought I would share it.

Since we have gotten married I do all of the laundry. That is Hal's least favorite and I don't really mind doing it so thus by default I do the laundry. I don't know what made us pick it when we were at the grocery store, but for stain fighting we bought a bottle of SHOUT. We are still on the same bottle, but it has worked so well. It has gotten out pretty much every stain we have so far encountered. Sometimes it looks like one my be too set in and stick around after I am done scrubbing it, but after letting it soak in soapy shout water overnight it always comes out. It's pretty much amazing. I am sure everyone has their own laundry stuff that works for them, but for me...SHOUT works.

Also, we bought a new naturalish laundry detergent and it has made our clothes even better looking. We have only used it a few times so far because we just bought it, so maybe if it keeps working I'll share.

Keep your eyes open for my posts about California...I'll get around to it eventually.


mikey and kimby said...

That's great to know. I'll have to keep that in mind - I swear Mike comes home from work at least once a week with a huge stain down his shirt from spilling his lunch. Good post!

Mormon Bachelor Pad said...

I'm gonna try it. There are stains in our house that I can't even tell what they are... and they're in very odd places. Like places you wouldn't think would be accessible enough to even get stained.

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