Friday, June 5, 2009

Fancy-Schmancy Dinner

For the past 2 years we have had a fancy dinner with all of our besty friends. We go to this yummy restaurant called Porcupine Grill. It is so yummy. It has become the 'it' restaurant since we started going there in highschool. I have some amazing pictures from when we dressed up like weirdos and went there our junior year. We also went there for lunch the day Heather got engaged.
I'll have to do a post of the pictures from the first time we went and then last year and this years. We take a picture on these chairs because we randomly did the first time we went when one of the waitresses liked how weird we are.

I told Patrese I would post pictures of this and have been slacking, but we are leaving tonight, so I figured I better get it done before I have a bunch of other stuff to blog about. Judy, Hal's mom gave me the most amazing dress. It is one she bought when she was first married at a garage sale. So vintage, it's from the 40s or 50s. it was amazing, so she and stefanie helped me fix it up and make a great velvet bolero to make it modest. It turned out so great, thanks for the help!

Here are most of the girlsies, me, heather, meagan, allie, and brittany

Here is a picture of Monca and Scott
I thought this picture turned out hilarious!
Hal and I

This one didn't turn out so great, but I thought it was a nice one of the pretty dress.


Amy Hansen said...

Your hair looks so pretty and long! Have fun in Cali!

Mama Rachel said...

You look so great in that dress! :-)

Did you know you're sorta beautiful? said...

SAM! that picture of me is so awfully funny. Yuck.

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