Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Here are a few of the pictures from our family reunion on my dad's side. We stayed in Shady Cove Oregon, it is a little outside of Medford. It was really nice to have almost all 8 of us together again (Angela got sick right before so her family stayed home).

This is me and my sisa Marianne getting ready to get wet.
While we were waiting for the rafts to get set up the kids found this very friendly gossling. He ate out of their hands. This is my nieces anna and triniti and the blondie is my brother Jason.

Here is Tyrel with Triniti and Brayden, two of his children. Michelle stayed back with Kaleb because he was too small. Triniti wouldn't let go of my hand the whole time, except to squirt her dad, josh, and jason in the face.
I just threw it in for Hal. I love his face. I was on a boat with Hal, Josh, Jason, Tyrel and his kids. The boys all pushed each other in. I was glad I was safe in the middle as the water was really cold and we were on the edge of a big storm coming in.
This is Amy and Terry's dog/child Isa. If you look close you can see Terry. She is so funny. Every time she sees me she pees. That may have been to much info, but it's really funny. At least I know she likes me. We drove back to Utah, through the night with them and then they continued on to Colorado. I was glad we got to stop where we did, I was almost crying I was so tired.


fitgal said...

What can I say. You make her "liz."

Jillian said...

Samantha! I LOVE YOUR FAMILY!! ^_^ GOod memories!

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