Friday, July 17, 2009

San Francisco

 Yay, here are a few of the pictures from our drive up California up to San Francisco. I am pretty sure Hal gets the best husband award of 09 for thinking of adding san fran into our trip just so he could take me to see Wicked which I had been dying to see.
We tried to take pictures at places we stopped along the way. I'll post more pictures on facebook so you can see our journey. We had so much fun traveling through California and Oregon. We did miss taking pictures at a few stops, our favorite was probably the Olive Hut in THE olive city in northern California.

I thought these old gas pumps were so cool. The gas station bathroom was another story though. This gas station was in the middle of nowhere on our journey through wine country.
This is the view from our hotel in San Fransisco. We stayed in Hotel Kabuki in Japan Town. The hotel was so beautiful, and had so many interesting elements, like sliding rice paper doors, and a traditional Japanese bath. I think the bath was our favorite part of the room. Oh and we got a great deal which made it even better. P.S. if you ever stay there. You can park your car yourself in the same parking garage as valet, and you save a ton.

Yay WICKED! This is the Orpheum Theatre in San Fran where we saw it.

Shhh, don't tell we took this picture inside the theatre. I actually took a bunch because it was beautiful inside. I just hid my camera and took the flash off, and it has this cool do not shake feature. There were a ton of ushers holding no photography signs...well, I guess I'm lucky I survived unscathed.
I am pretty proud of this picture. I thought it turned out so cool, especially from taking it inside the car through the windshield. This was the awesome weather we drove through from Northern California into Oregon. It made the drive better I thought, but, I'm a rain girl.
We also stopped in Santa Rosa to see Hal's Grandpa. It was really nice to see him again. It was totally worth the huge detour it took us on. We had to take some little highway to get back to the main freeway, but the highway took us through switchback country roads. We even stopped at the Petrified Forest which was cool. We spent so long deciding if we should take the time to go see the forest, that by the time we left we could have gone...oh well, it was pretty and we were able to get Judy some sulfur from Indonesia.
Next I'll post the final pictures from our family reunion in Oregon.

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