Wednesday, April 29, 2009

New Apartment

Hal and I moved at the beginning of April. We loved our old apartment and still miss it, but our new one is so nice and we get to save money, which is always good. We moved back up to B-town and it's nice being close to our family again. Dane was so nice to help us put together our apartment which ended up saving us. Here are some pictures of our cute little downtown apartment, and the bottom one is of our new apartment, the first morning when Hal and our landlord were cleaning up the flooding!

Yeah, that's right, I said flooding. A hose from the water softener came out of the drain and came out of the bathroom and flooded part of the bedroom and living room. Talk about LAME to wake up to at 6:30 the first morning in your new apartment. Once we get it all put together i'll post some of our new apartment.

Next up: great news for my graduation trip!


Scott & Traci said...

SUPER cute apartment! :) I am sorry about the flooding though :S

Amy Hansen said...

The place looks great!

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