Wednesday, April 15, 2009


As we are getting prepared for another trip...really just planning it out I finally decided to post about our spring break trip to Colorado. Hal and I went with my dad and my little brother josh to see my sister Amy and her husband Terry. We had a blast while we were there and did a bunch of fun stuff.Here is Terry looking like a macho cop before we went 4-wheeling

Amy will kill me, but I thought this picture was so funny

Hal and I on our 4-wheeler with dirty faces...they get much dirtier as you can see in the next pic

Here is the group minus Hal after 4-wheeling in Salida

Here is the group minus Josh after 4-wheeling. We got so dirty! but it was so much fun!
Here is Hal on Terry's mini bike. They got oil all over the place...

Have you ever heard of Vegemite? Well, you need to run out and try it right away! Amy and Terry had just returned from Australia when we saw them and they made us try this. Apparently down there they put it on everything. It is made from yeast extract and tastes just like it...

We had so much post: we moved!


Jillian said...

SAMMY! I'm sorry I didn't get your message in time! We ended up spending most of our time in Orem with Cody's sister. But I want your number anyways. we should have eachothers numbers. Besides I have some exciting news about the gender of a certian baby! I don't want to post it until I can tell you personally! PS Cody wants to transfer to BYU nest year so we might see more of eachother! hopefully!

It looks like you have a really fun time! Is that Josh!? HOLY CRAP!

Amy Hansen said...

Yeah that picture of me is pretty much awesome. I look both pregnant AND like a male dog relieving himself. What's not to love?!

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