Monday, July 21, 2008


We've had kind of a lot going on lately. Hal and I went to a wedding reception on Friday and I was able to meet some more guys from his mission and his mission president as my brother in law's little brother was marrying Hal's mission president's daughter, and he was in Hal's mission. Crazy, huh?

Also, we took our engagements last week, and Tada! they are back. If you would like to look at them go to We are obviously under Forkner-Morgan wedding. There are like 24 different pictures because he does it all on film. So you need to go look at them and tell me which are your favorites, and suggestions for putting together an engagement annoucement. I am so excited, because they turned out awesome. Thanks Duston!


Torts said...

These are so so so cute you guys! My favorites are 4, 13, and 22. You guys look amazing together :)

Anonymous said...

I love number 11/12, I think 14 is hilarious, love 20 and 22. You guys are so photogenic. I like all of the pics.

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