Thursday, July 10, 2008

Good Deals

Hal and I had a great shopping trip to the mall last week. Luck was on our side and we ended up getting his ring, shoes, and a few other things. We met up with Heather and Robert and watched Chanel get her pictures taken in the awesome dress we gave her for her first birthday. It's just too bad we missed her actual birthday. Well, happy birthday Chanel...not that you can read yet.

In other news...we just got back last night from the Birtcher (My mom's side) family reunion in Phoenix. Yes, it was ridiculously hot. We had a pretty good time, and Hal was able to meet a bunch of my family. I am glad he met my grandma as she just turned 90 this year. We took a bus ride up to Globe Arizona where my great grandparents lived for a long time. It was actually a cool little town. We had some time to go shopping and found a cool little store. They had this cool rock that had petrified worms in it. They also that the cutest little girl hair clips. They were hand painted with names on we decided to start a little collection for the far distant future and bought ones with Lily on them. So maybe in like 4 years we can actually use them. Sad times, we forgot our camera, but my sisters had theirs so I will post pictures eventually.

We will be off to Hal's family reunion next week.

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PinkyLunt said...

It's okay Sambo, I know you would have come if you hadn't gone out of town. I'll have to tell you about it later.

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