Monday, October 5, 2015

OBX Part Deux

I'm so behind on blogging lately. Work has been really busy, and I guess just life has been really busy too. I guess I've reached the point where I'd rather just enjoy the moment and not worry about taking enough pictures to make a full blog post. So I'll blog when I want to instead of stressing about keeping up with all the posts and what not.

Over labor day weekend Hal and I decided to go to the Outer Banks with some friends. We went last year with 4 other couples from church and had an absolute blast, so we went again this year. This time there were 8 couples in one beach house, and we had an absolute blast.
I didn't take hardly any pictures, but just know that just means we had a fabulous time and I didn't want my phone to die on the beach. We also learned that Hal and I are pretty much the only ones who like sea foam. Something about it seems just so magical to me. So when the waves were crazy after a storm, I had to play in the seafoam.
We basically spent 3 whole days playing at the beach and never wanting to leave. We also learned that innertubes can be just as fun as boogie boards, and are much less work to ride a wave. I can't wait until beach time next summer to have more fun with the tube.

RIP beach, we'll miss you until next summer.

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