Thursday, October 8, 2015

Kiawah Weekend

After our amazing time at OBX, I continued down the coast to Kiawah Island for a very special bachelorette party.
One of my very favorite people had her bachelorette party on Kiawah island, so how could I resist? Friends? Check. Beach? Check. Have a Blast? Check.

It may have been a long drive there, but we had a good time. We went to dinner and ate brownies and chilled without the Netflix. I love when people all take the time to just talk and laugh instead of everyone being linked to their devices.

They had seen a shark the previous day so they hadn't even been in the ocean yet.
Well the beach was pretty much empty and we got right in. This was the laziest beach I've ever been too. The waves were almost non existent. it was great for relaxing in, but not so great for teaching someone to boogy board, or showing off your new found innertube tricks.

Before I headed back to DC we had to round out the trip with one last tradition.
It may have taken us 3 years to get this down, but we're getting pretty good at this jumping thing. And since I'm writing this post ahead of time, I can't wait to celebrate the wedding day of Stewart and Bret. Stewart was my very first Peace Corps friend that I made. She ended up sitting next to us on the flight to Cambodia. We shared our snacks with her, and a friendship was set pretty much right then. I'm so excited she's marrying Bret, a fellow volunteer and how great it has been to watch them get together and seeing their relationship progress.

Congrats Stewart and Bret!

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