Monday, September 7, 2015

A Day in San Francisco

This past weekend Hal and I spent a little more than a day in the San Francisco area. What was worth flying all the way across the country just to spend the day and fly back across the country?
This guy. Our last living grandparent, Hal's grandpa isn't doing well, so we flew across the country to see him one last time.

We were so lucky that he was awake part of the time we came to visit and could nod his head and speak a little bit. I'm so glad that we were able to see him one last time. It was the first time that I've ever hugged someone goodbye knowing it would be the last time I saw them. You know those people that have such funny personalities that when you see something or hear something you're instantly reminded of that person? That's Hal's grandpa. He always wore those blue jumpsuits with nothing on underneath. And his laugh. He laughs like The Count on Sesame Street, and is one of my favorite things ever about him. Good 'ol CD, we'll miss you dearly.

To temper the sadness of saying goodbye to Hal's grandpa we were so fortunate that his brother was working a MAC event that same weekend in San Fransisco.
We walked all around the city together and saw him in his element at the MAC event, and I was even lucky enough to have him do my makeup at the event. I loved that lipstick so much I snatched it right up. And in case you're wondering, he said it's his go to for weddings this season.
San Francisco has such a fun energy as a city, and has so many beautiful buildings, it's perfect for just walking. Not to mention I forgot how amazing west coast weather is. Coming back to heat and 70% humidity is making me miss those foggy breezy nights.
Beck, Thanks for showing us the town, and being a bright spot in our sad reason for visiting. If you don't follow Beck on social media, you probably should right now. He is such a bright spot of positivity on social media, and he's even making his own organic teas. You can thank me later for introducing you, and tell me you're jealous he's my brother in law. Watch his Konmari videos, they'll make you turn your house upside down, in a good way. Here's his youtubeetsy, and instagram


John Morgan said...

Thank you, Sam, for a wonderful blog. I would love to get an ecopy of the picture with you, Hal and Grandpa. That is how I want to remember him.

You two are the best! Flying across the country to see Grandpa and Beck is above the call of duty. It is a token of your love and kindness.

Love you both,

Selma @ Crazy Little World Of Mine said...

Love SF. :) It's always nice to go back and suck up all its vibes and energy! :) Glad you were able to see him one last time. It's the little things that make life more memorable and lovable.

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