Monday, December 1, 2014

Thanksgiving Festivities

Do you know what's a sign of a good weekend? No pictures.

I used to try and take pictures of every event to mark the moment and to be able to post about it on our blog, but I guess I've stopped caring about stopping to take a picture, and started caring more about enjoying the moment.

We had a wonderful holiday. It was our first Thanksgiving staying in DC, so we combined Thanksgiving with 3 other couples from church who don't have any family out here either. It was so great. We all split up the responsibilities and stuffed ourselves silly and then lounged around just talking and playing games the rest of the evening. And even though I didn't take a single picture, it was really fun. We made pumpkin and pecan pie both from scratch, and they both turned out amazing. It was probably the influence of watching the Walking Dead while baking, that made them turn out.
Friday Hal and I went Black Friday shopping. We spent longer in line at Old Navy than we did total time at H&M.
We had some friends over for game night later that evening, it was our first get together at our place and it was so much fun. Pepe is always the life of the party.
Saturday we went to see Dumb and Dumber To with some friends at a fancy theater here in town. While the movie was disappointing, taking some new friends to our favorite/only good Mexican restaurant in the DC area was worth it.

Sunday our friends threw the biggest holiday party. I'm not sure any more people could have fit into their apartment. Everyone brought something to contribute to dinner and we all were well fed. We then had a very rousing white elephant game. Why don't we play more of those throughout the year? I think they're the best. Batman underwear with a cape? I'm in.

Having almost 4 days together was absolutely amazing. With Hal's new job, him studying for the CPA, and me finishing my last classes for doula certification we haven't had much time together.

Even though it was really hard going to back to work after such a fun weekend, it was good to know that we filled our weekend with so much goodness. It's finally feeling like we're settling down out here, and that's a really good feeling.  

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