Thursday, October 2, 2014

Peace Corps Parade of Nations

Last week I was so excited to be able to participate in the Peace Corps Parade of Nations at the Washington National's baseball game.

Unfortunately the Cambodia flag was already taken, but they needed more flag holders, so I was assigned Mauritania's flag.

We showed up outside the Nat's stadium and all stood around under a tent waiting to be let into the stadium. It was cloudy outside, but still warm.
We finally headed into the Nat's stadium and it just started sprinkling as we were let in. We all lined up in alphabetical order along the walls and went to pick up our country's flag.
It was so cool to be there lined up with all of the returned volunteers. I actually knew the girl who got to hold the Cambodia flag. She was in the same training house, the year after us. There were 4 of us returned volunteers from Cambodia. It was fun to all be there representing our Peace Corps country.
After staying in the hallway under the stadium for what seemed like forever, they announced that the game was canceled due to rain. BOOOO. We never got to march, but it was still fun to be there in the midst of so many returned volunteers.

Even though I didn't get to walk in the Parade of nations, when we traded in our rain out tickets for another night, we got amazing seats and had a great time. Lincoln handily won the Presidents race, which lets be honest, it's the best part of every Nat's game.

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