Thursday, September 11, 2014

Home Away From Home Date Night

Utah is really our home. Even though we may never live there again, and we're loving living in DC, Utah will always be our home. It's where we met and fell in love, and started our life together.

There are certain things that we miss a lot about Utah, and some are more prevalent than others.

But the most prevalent thing is the most important thing, food.

There are lots of restaurants I miss in Utah, so when we found out there's a Nielsen's Frozen Custard out here, Hal had to just about stop me from driving over there on the spot.

When we lived in Bountiful we'd frequent Cafe Rio and Nielsen's in one evening. It was just too easy when we lived right up the hill and could walk to Nielsen's. So we decided to have a Utah style date night in the DC suburbs.

We started out the night be hitting Cafe Rio, our favorite American style Mexican food. We've had such BAD Mexican food since moving out here, so it was nice to know Cafe Rio is just as delicious anywhere.

And then we drove an additional 15 minutes out to Nielsen's. Rumor has it one of the sons from the Nielsen family moved out here and started it.
Oreo Concrete, you are my second true love. 

It was a delicious night, and it tasted just like home.

How do you find pieces of home when you're away?


Kayla MKOY said...

Oreo concrete?!?!? That sounds to die for!!!! You two are just adorable...its so awesome how in love you are :)

Selma @ Crazy Little World Of Mine said...

It's always so wonderful to eat food that is familiar to one's memories and homes. And yes, it's hard to find really good Mexican food anywhere outside the western USA. :( Even here in Sacramento it is hard. L.A. had so much more flavorful ones. In due time we all will find great places again. :)

Torrie said...

Heck YES about Nielsen's expanding out to DC! You can't get more of a taste of home than that :)

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