Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Google Auto Awesome

You're all going to wish that you have an android phone after this post.

Have you heard of Google Auto Awesome? It's pretty much my favorite thing about my phone. It not only automatically backs up all the photos I take into my google + account, which is perfect for blogging, but it also does magic. It turns my photos into gifs, it edits them for me, makes collages automatically, and even adds twinkle lights or snow to photos.

Basically, it's magic and it's wonderful. I've had people ask me how I post gifs here on the blog, and Google Auto Awesome is how. On most phones, if you hold down the capture button, it will take a series of photos. Well, Google Auto Awesome turns those into gifs automatically, like this one I took this weekend. Also, my cat's are weird and lick each other for about a minute before they start fighting.

Here are some of my favorite photos thanks to Auto Awesome.

And my all time favorite, it turned my life into a video for last year.

And just in case you're feeling jealous, you can actually download it as an app on any phone.


Susannah said...

What?!?!?! This is awesome!!!!

Rachel said...

I think my Google+ account has randomly "auto-awesomed" some of my photos--it always makes me laugh. I like the falling snow over snowy pictures!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I had been wondering how you did that!! It's almost time for me to get a new photo and I'm thinking about it now!

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