Wednesday, July 2, 2014

50 Best Day Hikes Near DC: Theodore Roosevelt Island

This was actually hike #3 from our book. We were excited to go on an easy peasy hike on a Sunday morning before church, just to get our buts outside. I wouldn't exactly call this one a "hike" as it's all flat, and you'd be fine just bringing a water bottle. We were a little over prepared for this one.

Theodore Roosevelt Island used to be the summer home of George Mason, and was apparently the place to be in DC way back when. It's a large island in the Potomac River and is only accessible through the northbound lanes on the George Washington Parkway. There's a big beautiful bridge that connects it to the parking lot, which is often very full on the weekends.

The bridge offers stunning views of the area surrounding the island.
 Theodore Roosevelt Island used to be the summer home of George Mason, and was apparently the place to be in DC way back when. It was then bought by the Theodore Roosevelt Association and turned from farmland into what it is today. Above is one of the few bricks remaining from the house that used to be on the island.

In the middle of the island is this beautiful area with a statue of Roosevelt and filled with quotes from throughout his life.
 My Thoughts on this hike:

-The book did offer pretty clear instructions on which routes to take to make it all the way around the island, but you don't really need the book to make it around the island. The island is beautiful, and very wooded through most of the island, but one side is marshy and there's a boardwalk to protect the land underneath. We didn't see much wildlife there as it's practically still in the city, but we caught a few lizards.

Overall we did about 4 miles in an hour and half. The island was pretty crowded, and people were not friendly at all like they are out on trails outside the city. It's fun to sit on the bridge and watch people paddle board and kayak down the Potomac.This hike is very family friendly, even for little kids as it's all flat. So if you're just looking to get outdoors and don't want to go far from the city, this is the place to go.

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I'm totally freaked out by the lizard photo!! Ekk! It looks like a great time though!

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