Monday, June 9, 2014

2 Minute Low Braided Bun Tutorial Tried

This is my first ever real hair tutorial on my blog, so bear with me as my hair skills get better. I have mad props for hair bloggers after trying to get some of these shots.

This time I tried the 2 minute low braided bun tutorial, found here.
This hairstyle is actually super easy to do, and I actually did it twice. The first time I didn't include the braid, and the second I did. They both looked good and were really easy to do. I actually did this second time on dry hair after it had been down all day, but honestly I think it would be done better on damp hair so there wouldn't be as many pieces poking out.
The steps to this hairdo are really easy, and hopefully these pictures are easy to follow.

1. Start by putting your hair in a low pony
2. Loosen the pony a bit and split the hair above the pony in half to make a little hole. Now flip your pony tail up and through the hole, kind of turning it inside out.
3. Take sections of your pony and pull them up and through again.
4. Keep doing this until you have just a little bit of hair left.

5. Braid that small section that you have left.
6. Pin the braid in place, or any other loose pieces.
7. You can kind of tuck more hair in, or pull on sections to loosen it to make it look how you want it.

And Wallah that's it.

My hair didn't quite look like the one in the photo, but now you can see what it looks like on thicker wavy/curly hair as well.
See the original tutorial here

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Judy Morgan said...

Oh my gosh! It is BEAUTIFUL! Seriously beautiful!

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