Tuesday, March 18, 2014

1 Month To Go

Today now marks one month to go until Hal and I are permanently back together. We were so blessed to have some plans move up a week, so we get to be back together a week earlier than we were planning; and it means I get to be home for Easter.

You have no idea how excited this makes me. Only a month. A month. I can do a month. Now that we've done two and a half months already, a month almost seems like nothing.

My yoga teacher used to say "you have __ more breaths, you can do anything for __ more breaths." I like to adopt that into other things, like when I wake up in the morning I tell myself, it's Tuesday, you only have 3 more days of waking up before you can sleep in. You can do anything for 3 days in order to sleep in.

Now I can say, I have one month to go. I can do anything for one month.

Which is probably good, because I think Tuk Tuk is getting real sick of our daily pictures. She's been giving some nasty looks lately.


Susannah said...

Yay!!! Only one month!!! You're right - you CAN do one month!!! :-)

Rachel said...

Hurray for a countdown to permanence!!

Kayla MKOY said...

Hahah I love seeing your cat pictures!! You've GOT this girlfriend -- one month is NOTHING! ;)

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