Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Hardest Part of Living Apart

I was just home for a visit last week and it made me realize what the hardest part about living away from your spouse is.

It's going back to being alone after you've been together.
It feels so good to be reunited with each other after so much time apart, and so much anticipation, but it also makes for the worst moments when you have to fly across the country alone, or after you have to take them to the airport and said goodbye.

The happiness of the visit makes the loneliness of coming home to an empty apartment all the more obvious. The hardest part isn't saying goodbye. Because while that is hard, that time of coming home to an empty apartment everyday before you get used to being alone again is hands down the worst part.
You have to go from taking a bajillion selfies together because you are so happy together, to have to go back to taking a picture with your kitty every day.
And it sucks.


Rachel said...

:( I'm sorry, Sam. That does suck. I wouldn't be cut out for long-distance marriage, either.

Tanika Rice said...

I am so sorry girl! But the semester is almost over! You got this!

Hockey Wife, Hockey Life said...

I totally feel you on this one- it is hard to come home alone after great times together! At least overall you have each other though.

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I always feel so sad and alone the day after family leaves from visiting! Hang in there!

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