Friday, January 24, 2014

Funny Friday: Funny Stories

It's the country's second arctic winter plunge, and I'm thinking we could all use a pick me up from these freezing January blues; so it's time for the too long forgotten Funny Friday.

The first funny story comes on behalf of my 6 year old nephew. This little stink face.
This happened when I was home for Christmas, and I texted it to myself so I would remember it, and I just reread if the other day and laughed and laughed to myself, so it deemed it worth sharing. 

My dad's cat jumped on my lap and I was petting him as Kaleb was whispering something to Hal that was making him crack up. Hal finally ratted Kaleb out. He had whispered "I saw Benny climb into Sam's lap and I saw brown on his bum and I think he's going to poop on her." 

To which Hal whispered "You should tell her"

And Kaleb replied "No, because I think it would be funny if he pooped on her." How loving he is. 

And funny story #2 comes from Hal and his little brother. They're living together right now and going to the same school. 
Before I left Utah we moved out of our apartment and moved Hal into his new apartment with his brother. I went shopping with Hal one of my last days there to help them get supplies for the apartment, you know; little things, tissues, soap, dish washing detergent. Before I left I was thinking, oh they're going to need toilet paper soon, they only have like one roll left. I'm not someone to plays around with running out up tp, so it stuck in my mind. 

About a week ago I got a snap chat from the little brother, it was a picture of the box of tissues I had bought, almost empty and it said, our tp supply is getting low. They had run out of toilet paper and were too lazy to get some more that they started using tissues. I about died when I heard this. I immediately got on Amazon and bought the largest amount for the cheapest price of tp that I could find.
Because washing yourself off in the shower after you've run out of tissues is not cool in my book. Hopefully their stash lasts them the next 3 months; or who knows what they'll resort to. 

And the moral of the story is boys are disgusting. 


Rachel said...

Funny how "boys are disgusting" could be seen as the moral of so many stories.... :P

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Haha! I seriously buy toilet paper in bulk!

Angela said...

I agree on both counts--boys are so gross! :)

Susannah said...

Hahaha!!! Oh goodness! You're a great wife! I think I'd make Nate fend for himself if he ran out of toilet paper. ;-)

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