Wednesday, January 8, 2014

2,000 Miles Away

I had every intention of posting when I was home in Utah for vacation, but I didn't post a single thing. Instead, I tried to spend as much time with Hal as I possibly could. We are now officially 3 days into our 4 month long separation.
Each plane I got on was harder because I meant I was going even further away from home, all by myself. When I was sitting in the Minneapolis Airport waiting for my overly delayed flight they announced the last boarding call for a flight to Salt Lake and I had to stop myself from running across the airport and trying to get onto that flight.

I had to remind myself that we're doing this for a reason. We're doing this for the amazing job that has been a source of endless blessings in our lives. We're doing this so Hal can finish his education. We're doing this for Hal's job that he accepted out here. We're doing this for our future. We're doing this because we have faith we're strong enough to come out the other side a stronger couple.

But that doesn't make it any easier in the mean time. 


Selma @ Crazy Little World Of Mine said...

So yes, absolutely caught you are in DC. Where it's super cold and winter ugly yet beautiful. And Hal's in Utah, where it's cold too. At least you've got something in common weather wise. Sorry, not helping.

Yet, you know what I just thought of this are not only doing this for a reason (his school and your job and all) you are also doing this for you. Not just you two but you personally. Plus, wherever you are you should maybe have a plan on what to take a picture of each day or every other day - the same objects/items/persons. And send them to each other. For example: last Christmas tree decoration, or a bench, or the city hall, or a pigeon, or who knows...a tourist. LOL it'll make it fun, not easier, but at least fun and you share so much with that! :)

Missed ya in the blog world.
So glad you are back writing.

Selma @ Crazy Little World Of Mine said...

and oh my that's a long comment...I apologize. :)


Torrie said...

Yeah, being separated is no fun at all. Hopefully you'll be able to meet some good friends that you can spend some time with so you don't get too lonely. I'll be thinking of you!

Susannah said...

Oh sweet girl, this is no good!!! I can't imagine spending so long apart from Nate! You're right thought, the two of you have a wonderful reason for doing a long distance marriage for a while. And your marriage is solid so you guys will definitely be able to do it!

Rachel said...

My husband's only 500 miles away...and I will get to be with him again after only 22 days...but it still feels like a darn long time to me! It isn't fun to be away from your spouse, but you guys are doing it for the best of reasons!

Monica Lynn said...

Two ideas -
First, a traveling journal. You get a journal and write a love letter to Halpert in it, maybe add a photo or something, then mail it to him. He writes in it and mails it back. Kind of like Nephi's small plates, just the really special stuff, where phone calls lots of time end up being just he daily what's going on stuff.
Second, this
it's 365 questions for you and your spouce to ask each other. I know when you are apart it's sometimes hard to fit a whole day of spontaneous conversation into one phone call. You forget all the things you were going to tell him throughout the day and just want to be together. So this could help keep the deeper part of conversations going and maybe even learn somehting about each other that you wouldn't have known otherwise.

Miss you!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

You'll get through this! You will! Take it one day at a time and stay busy. If you stay busy the days will start to fly by.

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