Friday, September 13, 2013

Funny Friday: Around the Internets

It's Friday the 13th and I'm in need of some good friday laughs, so here are some funnies I've seen around the internet this week.

1. I don't care if this is a fake or not, it's hilarious all the same. The husband doesn't recognize his wife after waking up from surgery.

2. Can't not post something from Buzzfeed. Best ways to respond to a wrong number text. You may remember how I responded to a wrong number text not too long ago, so these made me crack up. You can see the rest of them here.


3. Finally I won't ruin it with a picture, you must go read the whole thing.
Drunk Person Steals A Cat, Posts Craigslist Ad to Find Owner


Rachel said...

heehee, Angel showed me that video, that was such a hilarious reaction!

Angela said...

I also posted that video--I choose to believe its real... So cute! That text convo is so funny! I will have to check out the rest.

Hailey Peterson said...

haha I love that text message. Once my friend texted a co-worker for them to cover for her. He texted for yes, turns out she got the wrong number and got in trouble because no one covered for her. It was a cruel joke haha

-Hailey Cheyenne

Ashley said...

#3. hahaha

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