Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Makes Me Think

I haven't been feeling like blogging lately. My normal love and excitement and endless post ideas just aren't there. I wasn't sure I was going to post today, but I found this website through this blog, and I knew I had to share.

Have you ever heard of the website called Makes Me Think? It restores faith in humanity.

I have to stop reading every so often because it always makes me tear up.

I'll share some recent favorites, but you should definitely check out the website.

Today, my best friend postponed his wedding with his fiance's blessing so he could make an emergency bone marrow donation to my son who is battling late stage cancer. MMT

Today, I am 16-years-old. I learned CPR yesterday in health class. I had no idea I would have to perform CPR on someone this afternoon. And when the paramedics arrived, they told me I undoubtedly saved my mom’s life. MMT

Today, we reminisced about our beginnings when both sets of parents scolded us for marrying outside our religion. I vividly remember my mother telling me, "It'll never work between you two. You aren’t meant to be." But here we are 35 years later, married, and still fulfilling our dreams together. MMT

Today, like every school day, during our physical education class, regardless of the sport being played, the fastest runner at our school (a state champion sprinter) ran beside and assisted his disabled cousin who suffers from a spinal dysfunction that reduces the mobility of his body. MMT

Today, when a confused elderly man got onto our school bus this afternoon, our bus driver spoke with him, realized he was lost and meant to get on the city bus, but drove him five blocks down the road to where he needed to go anyway. MMT

Today, our retired next-door neighbor has been paying our rent for the last three months since my single mom lost her suddenly in a layoff. He has pretty much singlehandedly kept a roof over our heads and food on our table. MMT

Today, I saw a heavily tattooed man resting both forearms on a table at a shopping centre food court while his two little daughters colored in his tattoos with felt pens. MMT

Today, the homeless man that I always give leftover food to as I’m closing up my food cart for the night gave me a birthday card. I only told him my birthday once – last year on my birthday when I had a birthday balloon tied to the cart that one of my regular patrons had given me. MMT

Today, my little sister who has been deaf since he was born underwent a special surgery which partially restored his hearing. And as he stared at our mom, listening to her voice for the first time with his new sense of hearing, he said, “Your voice is just as beautiful as I have dreamed it was since I was born.” MMT

Today, I am widely accepted and respected at school. I have a mild case of autism, and I used to get teased constantly. But then the captain of our football team, Jason, started eating lunch with me out of the blue about two years ago. My entire social life changed. This is our senior year, and he’s even invited me to every graduation party/function the popular kids attend. I know I’m not one of them, but what he did for me still MMT.
There are still wonderful beautiful things that happen in the world daily.  I see it all the time. I see it in a Cambodian family who took Hal and I in, and didn't care about the rent anymore and accepted us as family members. I see it in a man who gives you his flip flops because the road is rocky and you didn't bring your shoes. I see it in someone who gives you their seat, even for a moment on a train when you didn't have one. I see it when you go to visit someone to check up on them, but they end up really checking up on you.

I literally have seen it all around the world; and it's beautiful.

What is the last thing that Made You Think?


Angela said...

What an awesome site! I am going to take some time to look through it. Thanks for sharing, girl!

Susannah said...

Goodness! These make me cry! We don't talk about the good in the world nearly enough!

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

I really, really needed this today. Work this week had been sort of terrible so its been hard to find a reason to smile. THANK YOU for sharing this!

Ashley said...

I definitely needed to read these today...I've been a bit moody lately and it's nice to hear about such unselfish things going on :)

Kayla Peveler said...

Wow, I had NEVER heard of that website. Now I'm about to cry in my office. Sooo sweet!

Rachel said...

I got chills reading some of those. I know I've had experiences like that in my life--it's such a beautiful and humbling thing.

And every once in a while I get a week where I don't have motivation to blog. It's weird, because normally I have a million and one things to write about. But the motivation always comes back in a couple days or a week when something funny happens and I just have to write about it.

Jessi said...

That is awesome! I loved reading all of these. It's like FML but good! Haha. I can see why you would get caught up reading all of these, it's good to see some goodness and beauty in the world!

Selma @ Crazy Little World Of Mine said...

Yes I heard about this site before and it definitely is an inspiring site. Really make you think.

Thanks for sharing girl

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