Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Happy May Day

Today's going to be a mostly Wordless Wednesday of pictures of a few things we've been up to lately

I feel pretty boss because I taught these girlies to give high fives, and they remembered how to do it a week later when I saw them again. You guys are so lucky to once again be on the receiving end of my masterful drawing skills. She didn't have a shirt on, and I didn't want to get sued for child pornography or something. That shirt = mad skillz.

Happy Wednesday, only 2 more days of getting up until you can sleep in. Is that sad that that's my first thought when I wake up in the morning?

Oh, and it's officially my birthday month. HOLLA!

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Angi said...

It's not sad - that's my first thought, too. "How many more days until I *don't* have to set my alarm?"

And your weather looks like our weather. Monday, it snowed. Yesterday, it was mostly cloudy but calm and warm ("warm" being a relative term, it was like 42). Today, it's sleeting and WINDY.

Ashley Taylor said...

Oh gosh what kind of nail polish is the orange? I've been searching for the perfect orange shade

xo Ashley

Brittany LeSueur said...

Sleeping in...I love sleeping in! And fabulous nails!

kate said...

those nails are boss!

AND i didn't even notice the shirt? how lame am i. i was looking for another picture until i realized what you meant, lol. i like the peachy, coral color :)

TheTinyHeart said...

All of these manicures are fabulous! Loving the nail art!

The Tiny Heart

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