Monday, April 29, 2013

Goslings Nesting and Jumping

I just love baby animals. Well, I really love pretty much any animal. I was pretty stoked this year when my co workers told me how geese always nest on the ledge outside our kitchen window.

I was even more excited when they did come to nest. They were hilarious. They kepy attacking their own reflections in the glass. I heard little bangs all day long, of their beaks attacking the glass.

First there was just one egg and then the mom and dad both left for a day. The next day they were back and I saw at least 3 eggs. The dad left again and the mom sat on those eggs for more than a month. Every day there was one goose out on the open fields in front of my work. I'm not sure, but I'm a romantic so I'm gonna go ahead and say it was the dad.

Then on Thursday I checked in on the mama as I do every morning and I saw a little flash of florescent yellow. Her babies had hatched!

And there weren't three, there were FIVE! I don't think the people who work up here got a ton of work done that day. Everyone was constantly checking in on the babies. They were so cute.

My co-workers warned me that they usually leave the nest within about 24 hours of hatching. I was so nervous they'd leave before I came into work the next day. I looked in as soon as I got in and I saw the mom go over. They'd also warned me that once the mom flies down, the babies immediately start jumping.

By the time I made it running down the stairs 2 babies had already jumped and were already off with their mom and dad.
I got to watch 2 babies jump from our 4th floor ledge. Did you hear that, these goslings jumped 4 stories down to the ground, and were totally fine. And then there was one baby left. It was really sad, it kept running to it's reflection in the glass thinking someone was still up there. He just chirped and chirped for an hour up there by itself. And then all of the sudden the chirping was gone, and the whole family was gone. It must have finally jumped off the ledge because those geese weren't leaving until their baby came down.

It was one of the most adorable things I've ever seen. Now enjoy these videos of the goslings jumping from the 4th floor ledge, and how their just fine when they reach the bottom.


Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

They're so cute!

Rachel said...

They're adorable! That's a fun bit of real life to come across at work!

Tanika Rice said...


Alex[andra] said...

Baby geese are very cute! But big geese? Not so much. We have tons of them here. They block traffic and poop all over the place. They also think they own the sidewalk and if you try walking on it, anywhere near them, they'll attack you.

Let's just say, I haven't had very good experiences with geese.

Autumn said...

On my gosh...four stories? I would have been chewing my fingernails for them!

Anonymous said...

These babies are soooo cute!!!! Thanks for sharing!!

Ashley said...

I love baby animals and go on a "baby animal pinning spree" every now and then :-) I had to stop my car for a goose and her little babies today!

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