Friday, March 8, 2013

Funny Friday

I decided we needed a little break from my cat for funny friday posts. So this week is brought to you by my lovely Mr. Hal.

Over the Christmas break Hal decided he wanted to grow out a mustache. This isn't anything new, he often grows out a beard over his breaks in school, since his school makes him shave. I know, it sounds weird, but they're a religious private college and so they can set different rules. At BYU you can have a mustache, it just has to not extend beyond the corners of your mouth. 

He was going for a handle bar mustache and was pretty into it, until he read the honor code again, and it said it cannot extend beyond or below the corners of your mouth, so he decided a legit handlebar mustache would be breaking the code of honor, so it had to go. 

But we took these sweet pictures before he shaved it. Oh, they get better as they go along.

The kids at church still call him "frenchie" even though his mustache is gone.

How do you feel about mustaches?


Angi said...

Haha...that is hilarious. I can't stand it when my husband grows a mustache - it stabs me when I kiss him! But I have finally convinced him to grow a beard...!!!

Anonymous said...

That last picture is amazing!! HA! Nice job Hal.

Summer said...

I'm with Angi. Plus, my hubby is blonde blonde, so you can't even tell he has facial hair. It's just pokey and annoying. Love the last pic.

Ashley said...

especially with that striped shirt on...Frenchie it is!!

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