Thursday, March 7, 2013


Kampot is one of my favorite cities in Cambodia. It has such a laid back relaxed feel to it that almost no other large city in Cambodia has.

How to get here:
-From Phnom Penh, Kampot is located about 3 hours south of Phnom Penh and costs about 12,000 riel, or $3 to get there.

Things to do:
1. Play in the river: If you aren't afraid of the water, get in. It's nice and refreshing after or during a really hot day, which is almost every day in Cambodia. You can also do sunset boat tours on the river, or kayak on the river.
2. Bodhi Villa: To go along with playing in the river, in the evening to got Bodhi Villa. They have a diving board and a dock that you can play on. They also often have live music in the evenings.
3. Hike to the ocean: Kampot is located pretty close to the ocean. I've never done this, but I know a volunteer who did a hike to the ocean. I think it took about 2 hours one way.
4. Bokor Mountain: Whenever you tell a Cambodian you went to Kampot they always ask if you went to Bokor Mountain. On the top is a beautiful waterfall, and apparently home to a beautiful ruined casino. Seriously, go look at that website and it will make you want to go.
5. Get a $5 massage: There are ton of little massage places around town that you can just pop into to get a quick massage for a nice relaxing time.

Places to eat:
1. Sisters II: ($2.50) This is my favorite place to eat in Kampot. SO Good. Go there for breakfast and get a veggie omllete with their homemade bread, or their pumpkin pancakes. I dream of their pumpkin pancakes now that I'm back in America. They also have a location in Phnom Penh and Sihanoukville.
2. Rusty Keyhole: ($10) This is most people's favorite restaurants in Kampot. It's located right along the river, directly across the market they're building from the Hour Kheang Guesthouse. Go there the night before you want to eat there and tell them how many racks of ribs you want the next day. These are not american cut ribs with only a little meat and you're chewing on the bone. These are chuncks of meat falling off the ribs and you'll probably have to share a rack with someone. They also have some amazing chicken dish.
3. Rikitikitavi: ($5) This place is pretty good and they give a discount to volunteers. Others said they had good drinks and they also have really good ice creams for dessert. Also a guesthouse
4. Mea Culpa: ($5-$10)The building is beautiful and the food is to die for. They use a wood fire oven to make the yummiest italian food. It's worth the little walk out there, their food is that good.

Places to Stay:
1. Paris Gueshouse: ($12-$16) I really like this hotel. Be careful though, they might give away your reservation if someone chooses to overstay their reservation. Their rooms are really nice and their little bit more expensive rooms have the most wonderful bay windows that offer great views of the city. The bathrooms are pretty darn nice for Cambodian standards and have hot water.
2. Hour Kheang Guesthouse: ($10-$18) I like this hotel. The staff were really nice and fun to joke around with. The rooms were reasonably sized and they even have a few with king size beds in them. I would probably stay here over Paris, but if you're looking for something a little nicer you should stay at Paris.

Not too far from Kampot is a little town called Kep that's worth a visit for fresh crab! It's worth splurging on a stay at The Veranda Hotel to swim in their pool and eat their buffet.

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