Saturday, January 5, 2013

Christmas 2012

I almost got way ahead of myself titling this Christmas 2013. I know I'm late posting this, but I'm not that late.

We were both SO excited to be home for the holidays. I had a hard time feeling like it was Christmas time, so I strung lights on the curtains above my bed and just laid in their glow. Christmas lights always do the trick. That, and reading the story of Christ's birth on Christmas Eve with your family in a circle as it begins to snow outside. Perfect moment.

 I love Christmas Eve. I love the excitement that kids have knowing it's almost here. My nephew was so grumpy all night and just kept asking "when can I open one?" He knew he was getting one secret santa present, but even opening the traditional Christmas PJs might have even done the trick. Nothing like ending the night with Hal's family and wrapping presents and watching Christmas movies in anticipation of the morning.

The next morning started bright and early at the in-laws. Hal's brother came into town and it was so great to see their fabulous family. James here didn't waste any time on turns and opened all of his presents before we were even finished passing them out.

 It was a great surprise when we got to Skype with Hal's little brother, who's serving a mission in Latvia. He has less than 3 months left, so we haven't seen him, or heard his voice in almost 2 years. It was reassuring to know he's still full of shenanigans.

We then kicked it into high gear over at my family's house. Nothing says Christmas like a bajillion people, orange rolls, and mountains of wrapping paper.

We were seriously spoiled this Christmas. The kids had to wait one whole turn on the adults opening a present before they got to open all of theirs. It was madness once they started. Of course they wanted to open every single present from every package the moment they opened it. We finally were able to share some of the presents we bought back in China and Vietnam with our families. It's hard to keep presents that good, a secret for so long!

We went to our traditional Christmas move, this year it was Les Mis. It was good, I know people are dying over it, but to me it was just good. The whole theater was literally sniffing at the end of the movie, apparently except for me.

I felt that all too familiar tickle in the back of my throat, so we headed back home to open our gifts to each other and call it an early night.
I made Hal a special book about our time in Peace Corps. It was great to go over the pictures and the stories together and to finally link the pictures and stories for our families to see our experiences. I got spoiled with a total of three pairs of shoes like this and this, this Christmas.


Selma @ Crazy Little World Of Mine said...

Love the photos girl, and don't worry, Les Mis is not for everyone. I haven't watched it yet and will let people know once I do. Movies sometimes do the trick, sometimes not at all. :(

And yes Christmas lights always do the trick. No matter how awful people feel. My friend said the same thing the other day.

Ashley said...

I'm usually a Les Mis cryer...but not the movie version. You'll have to see the stage version to get your sniffles on!!

So awesome that you were able to talk to Hal's little brother. Only 3 months left?? That's awesome!

Looks like a pretty fantastic Christmas.

Happy New Year!

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Your Christmas looks and sounds amazing, and I'm happy you finally got to share your gifts with everyone!

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