Saturday, November 3, 2012

Park City Hike

Remember like a month and a half ago when I posted about how Hal and I celebrated our four year anniversary. Our tradition is to go to the swanky hotel in Park City where we went on our wedding night. It's super fancy and backs right up to the ski slopes. It's absolutely gorgeous in the fall for our anniversary. My sister came up the second day we were there and we went on a hike up the mountain.

Since Park City is in the mountains, thus it's colder than Salt Lake, thus fall hit Park City earlier than Salt Lake. It was great to go up there and get a hint of fall before fall had hit where we lived.

You know Park City? The little known swanky town that holds the little known Sundance Film Festival? Yeah, that's the place. Park City's the super fancy of all fancy in Utah. Now that I have you sufficiently impressed I'm about to knock your socks off with these amazing fall pictures.

Were you thoroughly impressed? Well, Park City's the place to have your anniversary if it's in the fall. All the hotels are basically half of their winter price too!


Rolled Up Pretty said...


his little lady said...

Missing Park City. These pictures are absolutely stunning! Love the Fall season ;)
xo TJ

Kell said...

Um, I want to visit Park City so badly. And these pictures just made it worse.

Torrie said...

Awesome pictures! I totally would love to have the tradition to stay at the B & B where we spent our wedding night, but it's SO pricey...maybe on some future anniversary though when we're not poor college students!

Ashley said...

How gorgeous!!! Man the colors in these picture are sooooo vibrant! I would love taking a hike here.

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