Saturday, September 1, 2012

Activities of Camp GLOW

In-between sessions with the help of our counterparts we ran quite a few different activities. Most of them were meant to let the girls get to know each other and to help them bond a little during the camp. These led to some of the most fun moments of the entire camp.

The first day we had the girls all make a bag. Inside the bag they wrote a note to themselves about something they liked about themselves. Then throughout the camp we asked the girls to write notes to the other girls, mainly girls in other villages that they had gotten to know. This activity was a huge success. I loved seeing the girls put notes in each others boxes.

 Our activity that night was decorating t-shirts. Hal made a fabulous stencil and we spray painted it onto all of the shirts. They turned out great!

Day two we did an activity called Cross the Line. This is where the girls stand on a line and we read a statement like "This is my first time to Siem Reap," or "I think I am beautiful."
 I ended up joining the girls in this game and sometimes I was the only one who crossed the line. This led to a good discussion with the girls after the game.
That night we had a girly night were we colored, made bracelets and painted our nails. Or more accurately, they painted their nails, and our nails. We had so much fun this night, we ended up teaching the girls the macarena, and they seemed to have a great time learning it.

Day 3 our activities was so much fun. We started out with a yoga session led by me. I was impressed with their skills, especially at tree pose. We played a name game where we put a sheet in the middle and split the girls in half. Then one girl from each group comes up to the sheet. We drop the sheet and the first girl to say the other girls name wins. This was such a blast.

This was our last night of the camp so we decided to go big. We brought the girls into Siem Reap town. First we took them to a tourist market and then to Lucky Mall where they were all very excited to go. They ate American food at Lucky Burger and had some time to visit the mall before we ended with some ice cream.

Our last day we had a lot of fun taking a million pictures in our sweet Camp GLOW shirts. Seriously, a million pictures.

I hope the girls had as much fun as I did at Camp GLOW. Seriously, everything went so smoothly and the girls did amazing. It ended up being a blast and I'm so glad that I was able to spend those 4 days with them.

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