Thursday, August 30, 2012

Things I don't want to forget: Weather and Animals

We have a few last posts of things we want to remember about Cambodia. Today's is a double whammy and we're remembering the weather and animals. It's good to remember both of these things because they're so drastically different from America, and I'm sure soon enough I'll forget them while I take advantage of the lack humidity in Utah.

-How good the cool tile floor feels on a hot day.
-How much hotter the mosquito net instantly makes things
-How amazinly awesome the monsoons are.

-The amount of sweat a human body can produce just sitting still in the April heat.
-The amount of sweat my body can produce the moment I get off my bike after biking to school.
-Waking up in the middle of the night drenched in sweat because you tried to go an Apirl night without the fan.
-How no one goes anywhere if it's raining. Better wait until it stops.
-How after living in Cambodia during the dog wet season the cold season feels COLD. 60 Degrees means jackets and lots of blankets.

-The deafening sound of frogs after it rains
-How dogs will howl in unison during the night and then stop all at once.
-That time a giant rat crawled down the TV cord from the ceiling when we were all in the living room and it didn't phase anyone but Hal and I.

-How roosters are the most evil animal ever and crow at all hours of the day and night.(according to me)
-How dogs are the most evil animal in Cambodia and bark at all hours of the night.(according to hal)
-How animals are in such bad shape because Cambodians don't treat them like pets.
-When students say they have cats that "eat at their house"...they aren't pets...they're just fed at their house.
-Seeing puppies down the street which look just like the dog with the icky fur next door.
-When I first got to Cambodia I remember thinking the cows were 2D because they didn't seem real, they were so skinny and their bones stuck out. Now I can't even remember what the cows in America look like.


Selma @ Crazy Little World Of Mine said...

You left a huge part of a new life behind. :) Love the differences you describe to daily life with or without animals here. ;)

Missed you!!

Kell said...

Ah.. if I saw a big rat like that, I'd cry or something. No I'd definitely cry. You are a trooper for making it through the hot summer, but I know it's an experience you wouldn't trade for anything!

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