Saturday, August 25, 2012

Things I don't want to forget: Work

Today's I don't want to forget moment comes from our work here in Cambodia. My last couple of months I thought were going to be so slow work wise, since school let out, but between a camp I did (more info coming) and my private class, the last month at site was wonderful, and had mostly to do with my amazing students.

-The wonderful talks with co-teachers about Cambodians folk tales and problems that face Cambodia.
-Accidentally making a baby puke by putting the tongue depressor too far back in their throat.
-How babies cry when I look at them because they've never seen a white person before and their parents just laugh.
-The wonderful text messages filled with horrible English from students and teachers.
-When you see students helping other students to understand something, not just letting them copy.
-The sweet unexpected messages that students write to me.
-Being able to share a part of American culture that means so much to me with my students and having them love it.
                                   (Watching Harry Potter and eating spaghetti and garlic bread)
-The reaction of my students when I told them I was going home. It made me feel loved.
-Telling my students that they were getting a new volunteer a month after I leave, and having them tell me that they would still miss me very much.

-Finally remembering most of my students names, and how to pronounce them!
-Having my school director be so supportive of any of the projects I want to do.
-Having a female assistant school director who is so sweet.
-When my assistant school director remembered my love of puppies and let me play with her brand new puppies.

-So many of my students showing up to my goodbye party and just hanging out and dancing the night away with us.

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