Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Things I don't want to forget: Clothing

We're finally back home, but I'm going to continue these posts coming because there are still so many things about Cambodia that I don't want to forget. Today's post is about the clothing in Cambodia and how sweet and ridiculous their clothes are.

-How popular angry birds is
-How tight mens pants are
-How men grow their nails out, especially their pinkie nails.
-How men use those long nails for picking at their ear wax.
-Their love for anything sparkly, bright, or bedazzled.
-How they wear pajamas as regular clothes. And if they've worn them as regular clothes that day of course they don't wear them to bed, they put on their regular pajamas.
-How they'll bejewel their canine teeth. They super glue a jewel to their teeth.
-Engrish shirts that often don't make sense or are very inappropriate, and they wear them even though they have no idea what they actually say. ex. we saw a teenager who definitely had no idea that his trucker's had said "eff off" on it...but not just eff...
                                                            (her shirt says Jesus got)
-How Bookie will walk around the house in the tank top she's wearing to bed, but if I try and take a picture, she immediately puts another shirt on.
-How Bookie and Moto Accident wear towels to cover their chests with a towel when wearing a tank top around the house.
-Towels = blankets. You will constantly see people wrapped up in towels in the cold season
-The 8,000 uses for a Kroma (a traditional scarf)
-When Cambodians are planning on being outside, they don't want their skin to get even darker so they cover every inch of their bodies. Sweatshirts, gloves, hats, socks and long pants, no matter how hot it is outside.


Torrie said...

How funny--so many of these things are VERY similar to how things are in El Salvador, esp. the part about men growing out their pinky nails super long. And another interesting thing down there is that tons of the people are in designer American brands because they're sold on the equivalent of the black market down there. (Basically all the clothing factories are down there, so people will pull off some of the extras/seconds before being shipped and then sell them to locals). Crazy!

Selma @ Crazy Little World Of Mine said...

I've seen the long nails on so many men it's soooo weird. And towels for blankets...hmmm, whatever works.

Love that you are putting all this's one way to remember it all.

Great post, Sam.


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