Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Top Knots

Top knots have become a favorite hairstyle of mine lately in Cambodia. As I've already posted about, it's gotten freaking hot here, and wearing my hair down has sort of become unbearable. Instantly it's wet from the back of my neck sweating. Gross, I know. Really gross. So the solution? Pull it back. Reason #1 why top knots are awesome.

It's hard to pull my hair back in a way that won't get completely messed up while I'm lying down...such as right now. Solution? Top knot. Hair is out of the way and up high enough that it stays up when I'm having my afternoon nap. Thus this is reason #2 why top knots are awesome.

Reason #3 for why top knots are awesome...is when you're riding in a 12 passenger van down a bad dirt road to see the tonle sap, when you hit and bump and you catch serious air, because you're sitting in the back row; your top knot hits the roof of the car, and not your head. Solution = top knot!

The only draw back of a top knot that I didn't really experience in America, stems from the fact that Cambodia's constantly humid....and I have curly hair. At the end of the day I kind of end up looking like a lion, mane and all. It kind of goes something like this.
+ humidity 
+ curly hair

Ok, that might be the absolutely most ridiculous photo I've ever posted on here, but I assume you get my point.

After story. Hal just said oh can I read that post before you publish it, because you know I'm never going to read it otherwise. Of course I was so nice and accommodating. He reads it and then starts hysterically laughing saying "It's True!" In the words of Stephanie Tanner from Full House "How Rude!" How Rude Hal, How Rude....

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Meg said...

hahaha, i love it.
I have always worn top knots but have gotten into the sock bun lately! the full house reference makes this blog post ah-mazing.


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