Thursday, October 27, 2011

Swear In

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I know I'm a little bit late on this post, as I've already blogged a little bit about life at permanent site, but the pictures from our swearing in are just too great to not post. Now, remember how in my last post I said my camera was acting up and finally died? Well, it was acting up this day, and this was the only picture I got. Hal had to teach someone to tie a tie right before we left for swear in.
So thanks to everyone for letting me steal these pictures from facebook!

Our Peace Corps swearing in was legit. At least I thought it was, we had the Minister of Health there, who gave a speech, and went way off his speech so we all had no idea what he was saying since he was speaking all in Khmer. It was awesome.

Did you know that Peace Corps Volunteers take the same oath as the military? you get to see pictures of us celebrating! It was the last day that we were all together, and we were finally volunteers after 9 weeks of training. And, we were dressed to the nines!

Many girls wore traditional wedding outfits. The skirts are called sampots. They are the traditional Khmer skirts that I have to wear every day to teach. You can get really expensive silk ones that are just gorgeous, but those are mainly for weddings. The tops, as you will see I didn't get one made, but they are barbie princess-o-licious!
 Enough to make any little girl playing dress up seriously jealous, no? The girl in the middle, my friend Erica had my favorite top of the day!

 These are two of my closest friends I made during training, holla to Erica and Stewart.
The sweet gang sign they made up to represent us as a group, that's supposed to be K5, as we're the 5th group of volunteers in the country.
Don't mind the fingers in this picture, it's still fabulous. This is everyone from my training village, we totally had the best training village, Traing showed everyone else up!
We had to have a sweet party all together that night, as every PCV in Cambodia was in Phnom Penh, I'm not one to go out and party very often, but I had a blast that night.
 And check it out, we made the news, and I'm even in the picture!


Recently Roached said...

Your blog is so cute! Congrats on finishing your training:) I admire you and your hubs for doing what you're doing!

Selma @ Crazy Little World Of Mine said...

Awwww, miss you Sam!!!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Aw!!! I'm glad you guys are doing so well and that the ceremony went so well!

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

That is so awesome, I'm glad the ceremony went well!

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