Friday, May 20, 2011

California - In Sacramento

Alright, here is my last post about California!

In Sacramento we found some cool things to do. I love animals so went to the Sacramento Zoo. It was a bad day to go, because the pollen was out in full force. Hal and his brother were both dying he whole time because of their allergies.

I love zoos. Almost every time we go on vacation we go to the Zoo. I did not really like Sacramento Zoo. Mainly because it was really small, and the tickets were expensive. I did like that they had wild calla lilies growing in the zoo. The best part of the zoo? On the walk back to the car we found this amazing little "rock garden" from the street it just looks like a tiny random little garden with a small trail through it. Once you start going through it you realize it's huge, and it's amazing. There were so many plants that I had never seen before growing in there, and it's so well kept. The smells were amazing and the sights were beautiful. So, don't go to the zoo, drive like you're going to the zoo, but go to this garden instead.
 After the rock garden and the zoo Beck took us for a drive around some really cool neighborhoods in Sacramento. Then he was so kind, and took us out for some yummy frozen yogurt (they had a flavor called taro which tasted like a buttered popcorn jelly belly). We ate our yummy yogurt while we walked around this beautiful rose garden. They had so many varieties of roses in so many colors. Don't ask why on a day of really bad pollen we went to two different gardens. I'm pretty sure they both were sneezing every few minutes.
 After the rose garden Beck took us to Old Sac. SO cool. Seriously, it looks like it's the set of an old western movie with lots of saloons. It's right along the American river. We walked down to the river and walked over to this cool old river boat that is permanently docked on the river. It's a hotel/restaurant. How cool is that? There's a smaller one next to it that still goes up and down the river.

This is Hal's grandpa. We call him CD. Don't tell him we call him that though. It's more of a joke, although he does like to be called CD. He's getting older now, he's almost 90, we are afraid that he won't be alive by the time that we have children. He has the most amazing voice and laugh of anyone I've ever met. So I bought a recordable storybook and brought it with us. He recorded Goodnight Moon for us. It was one of my favorite when I was little. Hal asked him if he had his trusty swiss army knife on him, so he could open the thing and save the recording. After he used it, CD did something amazing. He gave Hal his swiss army knife. You know how some people are known for things? CD is known for his blue jump suits, his laugh, and always having his swiss army knife. We thought we had left it at Beck's house and he said he would mail it. We were wrong. Airport security found it in the mad mess that was our suitcase stuffed to the rafters. Oops. I thought we were going to get tased or something, but we didn't.

CDs a funny guy. He has a crush on me. I don't know what it is about old men and me. At church every week an old guy comes up and shakes my hand and says his day has been made. He told me he likes my husband's taste in women, but he questions my taste in men. Hal's grandpa has told me this exact thing before. CD likes to make flirty comments at me all of the time. In fact, the whole reason we went to California was to go to Hal's cousin's wedding. When we got there and found CD he told me I was the prettiest girl there...and we were at his granddaughter's wedding. Hehe, he's so cute.

So the wedding, the whole reason we went to California. Hal's cousin married a man who is Sikh, and she is Catholic, so they had two different wedding receptions. Hal and I weren't able to go to the Sikh ceremony, but I heard it was really cool. Hal's dad was able to be apart of the ceremony! That's what this picture is.
After the Sikh ceremony they had a Catholic ceremony by the most amazing retired Irish priest. Their ceremony and reception was at the Trentadue Winery in Gyserville, CA. We had the most amazing drive through Napa and Sonoma up into Gyserville. It was literally wineries the entire way. It was beautiful. The Trentadue Winery was also just stunning. 

They served the most amazing Indian food the entire night. So good! And oh man, once they started playing Indian music, everyone was out on that dance floor. Their wedding was a lot of fun, and I was able to meet a lot of Hal's family that I had never met before.

We had so much fun in California. Next trip? Hopefully back to California to see the redwoods!

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