Friday, April 8, 2011

My upcoming trip

I didn't even notice that my last post was my 200th post! woo!
Well today I'm stuck at work on my normal day off, and it has been snowing since last night. Today is I'm bored day. I'm bored with work, with winter, with spring never get the idea. So since I need something to entertain me, I'll day dream about my upcoming vacation. Me and the hubs and the inlaws are heading to here:

And during our trip to this city, I hope to be able to also visit this city:

Do you know what the two cities are? Ok, the second one might be a bit easier to tell than the first. We are going to Sacramento! We're staying with Hal's brother in Sacramento because Hal's cousin is getting married, and if the wedding invitation is any indication of what the wedding will be like, then I am super excited. The ceremony is going to be an Indian ceremony, and I'm really excited to be able to be there! The reception is at a winery north of San Francisco! Does this not sound like the most amazing thing that you could imagine? Because it does to me.

I've been to San Fran once, like for 24 hours to see Wicked. We had a blast, but we weren't able to see very much of the city because of time.

So...have you been to San Fran before? Have you been to Sacramento before? What have you done while there? Was there anything amazingly fun to do/see? I really want to go to China Town. Please, share your suggestions with me!


kimberly said...

How fun! I love both places. We went to San Fran a couple years ago and we hit all the major tourist areas. My favorite was Pier 39 and the streets/shops just across from it. It's a lively area and lots of fun restaurants, shopping areas, and of course, the pier.

I hope you have tons of fun!

{Selma} Crazy Little World Of Mine said...

Girl, ya know I'm excited for you. :) I lived in SF. Have I ever told you this?! There's so much to see and do...awww I wouldn't know where to start.


The Boob Nazi said...

I hate to break it to you, but Sacramento is NOT that exciting....

ashlee bracken. said...

i loooooove san fran. serious. i keep telling my jordan that we need to make a trip there together. when i went we ate REAL chinese food in china town, ate at the Ghirardelli chocolate shop and had the BEST sundae in the world, went to alcatraz, and discovered the homeless man that hides behind a bush to scare people.
really, one of the most interesting places i've ever been. you will never be bored. if you do all of those things above i assure you will love it! take me with you!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

How fun! My old roommate is moving to Sacramento in a month for her residency! When I move to CA I totally plan on hitting up San Fran! So I can't wait to hear all about your trip!

Deidre said...

I loved San Fran - it's very cool. I didn't spend too much time in the city mostly the surrounding areas. But man did I love the monterey bay aquarium!

Have so much fun!

Maddie said...

I've been to both, but only for very short amounts of time, like, maybe a few hours in each. That's so exciting though!! I'm jealous :)
And I've always wanted to see an Indian wedding ceremony! Take lots of pictures!

p.e.v. said...

Sounds like you're going to have a great time! Can't to hear all about it!

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