Monday, March 28, 2011

Weekend's a bust

This weekend was strange. It was pretty much nothing that we had in mind for this weekend. Our weekend ended up changing so much over the course of the week and even the day. We had lots of things that didn't end up working out.
-Go camping with friends at Capitol Reef
-Go to Festival of Colors
-Do homework (on Hal's part, not mine)
-Do something other than play on pinterest all day (on my part, not Hal's)

So pretty much this weekend ended up being a bust. We did end up using one of our living social deals to go see The Adjustment Bureau.
A lot of people compared this to Inception, and so they didn't like it. It's nothing like Inception. Think of it as a suspenseful love story, and then you'll love it. I loved it, but I pretty much have a girl crush on Emily Blunt, and who doesn't love Matt Damon? The ending was a little anti-climatic though. I wish they had shown them in the future like, him eventually becoming president or something like that, then it wouldn't just resolve and then end 2 seconds later. Either way though, I liked it. I always know I really like a movie if I watch it once and want to see it again the next day.

But the craziest part of the movie...was the couple sitting right by us. We were in a tiny theatre, and I mean tiny. There was a couple sitting at the end of our row (also known as 1 seat away from me) and in Hal's words " works" Yeah.... They were probably around 40, and were both larger people, and things just kept getting weirder. Like weirder as in "seriously, do you have any movie theatre etiquette" type of weird.

They were sitting all over each other. Like he had his arms around her, and his arms were linked...but they weren't little people. She had her boots off, and had her bare feet all over the movie theatre floor. EWWW! Seriously, Ew. I don't care if you take your shoes off in a movie, I really don't, but don't take them off if your feet have the possibility to stink, and don't take them off  if you don't have any socks on. So they were talking during the previews, no big deal, they're previews. But then the movie starts and they keep talking. And not a whisper so I can tell you're whispering, and trying to be quiet, but instead they full on talking. if I was trying to listen to them, I could understand what they were saying. And they were doing it non stop!

Then it gets better. His phone goes off. In the middle of the movie. And he pulls it out and looks at it. And then he shows his lady and talks to her about it. In the middle of the movie! After he put his phone away they kept talking. At one point, we couldn't hear the movie over them talking so Hal goes "Shhhhh" As I sink down in my seat since I'm in-between them. They guy totally turned and stared at Hal, but you better believe they didn't talk for the rest of the movie. Who does that? Who? Everyone talks at some point, but it's called a whisper, people, whisper.

Side note: A few weeks ago I won an awesome giveaway on Allison's blog. I won a CSN Gift card. I have NO idea what to get. It's hard to buy things when you have no idea if you'll be living in the country in 6 months. So...I need some advice, have you ever bought anything from CSN before? They sell pretty much everything so it's so hard to choose. I only have until the end of the month, so give me some advice to help narrow my search, quick!


Cristyannie said...

This post made me laugh so hard, people are so weird sometimes. I love Hals comment that works!

Torrie said...

I have his Harry Potter 5 (La Orden Del Fenix) book.

And I think that has got to be one of the most annoying things ever is to have people who won't stop talking in a movie theater, although Hal's comment did make me laugh. Maybe I'll go see The Adjustment Bureau now, to treat myself after giving in to a Western :)...

{Selma} Crazy Little World Of Mine said...

Sorry girl I had to laugh when I read this. Haha. How awful were those people? Seriously, have some manners and wear socks for crying out loud!!! Ewwww.
And I loooooooooved The Adjustment Bureau. So not like Inception and may I add I liked it a lot better than Inception. ;) hehehehehe

Have a good day girl.

The Secret Life of Bee said...

this was great. i hate when people talk in movies!! this isn't your living room, people!

ashlee bracken. said...

i just read your about me and about died. you two are so love-able i cant stand it. i FINALLY made it over to your place after being so busy my head might fall off. your comments are so sweet and seriously make me happy to read. especially when i am at work bored to death.
thought i would return the love from here on out :)

ashlee bracken. said...

oh! where in utah do you two live??

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Ugh! I totally shush people in the theater. I hate that! I think that movie looks really good and I did love Inception! lol

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