Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Weekend Update

This weekend ended up being so much fun! And by weekend I mean Friday, because Hal worked all day Saturday so I spent the whole day messing around with my blog, which I'm much happier with, but it's not quite where I wanted it, but chances are it will stay like this for a little while since I'm not so savvy with design techy stuff.

This Friday was the opening of the art exhibit that had my picture in it! I was super excited for it. It opened as a part of Gallery Stroll. Gallery Stroll is amazing. A ton of art galleries around town open up and let people come see what exhibits they have going on. It's super low pressure since there are so many people in all of the galleries that you don't feel like they're staring at you, or that you have to buy something. Some of the galleries even serve hors d oeuvres.

It was the last day that my brother in law and sister in law were in town, so we had a yummy dinner with them, and then headed downtown for the gallery stroll. We went to Saans Photography studio, where Duston Todd's Sleep Is The Cousin To Death exhibit was hung. I'll share my picture with you when I have the approval, but in the meantime, here's a look.
The exhibit was beautiful. I thought it looked amazing in there, and it was so cool to see everyone else's picture. Duston was super nice and told me that he thought mine was the "prettiest" of all of them. And then he told me that the first picture that he took during our session was not so pretty. Well, thanks for not choosing that one! When I get the pictures from him I'll have to see just how awful sleepy it looks.

There were so many people in front of the studio! It was crazy town out there. There were other artists selling things on the street, and poets yelling their work. We ended up going into the antique shop just a few doors down. We walked in and Hal was with his mom and I, and his dad and his brother were around the other end of the counter. The guy that owned the shop asked if we were a family. When we told him yes he said that "they really favor each other" indicating Hal and someone else. My mother in law asked which guy he meant (his dad and his brother were standing together) The guy said "uh, the balding one" sad times, since he wasn't referring to Hal's Dad.

After looking all around the store we ended up at the front counter talking to the owner again. He was talking to Hal when Hal said "my wife and I' The guy stopped him short and said "You're Wife?! I thought you were 16!" Hahahah! How awesome is that? In Hal's defense, he had shaved that morning, and whenever he shaves he looks so much younger. But still, that was awesome. The guy then told me I was robbing the cradle.

After the antique shop we went into the shop next door. I wasn't really sure what was going on in there, but I saw this big dress form covered in these strips of cloth. It had a note on it that said something like "write three words to describe your life philosophy"
 Do you see that little girl in the corner of the picture? When I came in she was there with what I guessed were her parents, but after I was standing there a while they weren't there anymore and that little girl handed me a sharpie and helped me pick out which piece of cloth to write on. People kept coming up to me and commenting about they thought she was mine.  I felt bad leaving her, but I assumed that her parents were in there somewhere. She didn't seem lost.
This is what I wrote. Explore. Find. Love. This is my I'm trying to be awesome and write in all caps, but it makes my handwriting look really ugly writing.

After the gallery stroll I went to a bar downtown with my mother in law. It's called Keys on Main. It's a piano bar. The funny thing is, of the 4 people who were going, 3 of us don't drink. I did enjoy myself a virgin strawberry daiquiri though. We had fun singing along to the songs and watching people get kicked off the stage for going up there and dancing too much. 

The best part of the night was this super drunk older lady who got kicked off the stage more than once walked over and handed this young guy a note. I watched him read it, and watched his face get more and more red and more embarrassed looking. It was awesome, because as everyone at his table red it, they all just started laughing. Not too much later his group left, and then the drunk old lady left. Maybe she chased him down. My mother in law's friend went over to the table after they left, but she couldn't find the note. I wanted to know what it said!


Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

It looks like it was a good time! I can't believe the drunk lady! Too funny!

everyone calls me bon bon said...

Sounds like a very fun time:-) Haha, I get told that I look super young all the time too. Hey, hopefully it'll last for all of us as we get older! Score! xoxo

Torrie said...

Wow, I'm seriously impressed with how often you and Hal head out to try crazy new cultured-sounding things! Kudos to you both! I love reading your posts, and they inspire me to look out for cool opportunities close to us here in Logan. Keep 'em coming!

P.S. I randomly have one of Hal's Harry Potter books in Spanish from way back when. Ask him if he wants it back and if so, how I can get it to you guys. Thanks!

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