Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Temple Square Lights

Things have quieted down a little bit around our house. Well, quiet because it's the end of the semester and all Hal has been doing is studying, and one of my closest friends is getting married this weekend and I'm her maid of honor..actually, I think it's now matron of honor so I've been helping her get ready for her big day. I am actually pretty bummed, my phone currently is being evil and won't show the pictures for the bachelorette party....so that post will have to wait until i get that figured out.

I think I'm officially done with all of my Christmas shopping. I always have fun trying to find a deal on whatever my family wants. I really enjoy that for some strange reason. But if you're looking for something and are having a hard time...let me know, I'll search for it. Haha, maybe I'm addicted or something.

Hal and I went to Temple Square with his family to see the lights when they were here around Thanksgiving. Seeing the lights are a big tradition here in Utah. If you don't know about the Temple Square lights are, you're missing out. Every year they put, probably millions of lights around all of Temple Square and light them I think on Thanksgiving night. It's SO pretty, but it's also SO cold. And oh man, it was sure cold the night we went. I didn't get any shots of the family that came with us, so boo on that.

Hal really likes not looking at the camera or making the silliest face he can think of. After this picture I told him he needed to smile because he is always making faces like this in our pictures, so we never have pictures to put on important things, because they end up looking like this. Then I felt bad because He's Hal, and he's silly and I would be sad if he wasn't as silly as he is. But he gave me this picture even though I was mean.
Man, it was SO cold while we were there. It had snowed recently and the temperature dropped like mad after that storm came in, it was a bad time to go! We didn't end up staying long, but I did get this picture of the lights.

And I also managed to get this sweet video of Hal and He-Sam dancing to try and keep themselves warm. Oh man, when these two get together the ridiculousness never ends. Sorry it's sideways, I still haven't quite figured out the video camera on my phone...or how to turn videos. If you know, please let me know how to turn videos!



my name is lauren. said...

oooh! such fun pretty lights....and you guys are adorable :).

in answer to your question about the dry erase board.....

i just painted the letters onto the craft paper and then put it in the frame. i left a blank line on it. then i put the glass back on and you can write whatever you want to fill the blank in with right on the glass :). hope that makes sense!

Scott & Traci said...

Ohhh! Love the pictures! Scott does the same thing :) Haha, what is it about guys and smiling pictures?? :) We miss you guys! Maybe we can get together next spring/summer when the weather is better! Merry Christmas!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

The lights look so pretty!! I love your coat!

Jillian said...

We just went and saw the lights last night. It was pretty warm. We arrived at 6:30 and didn't leave until like 9!! It was my first time. It was so pretty. I'm so glad we got to go. That is so exciting about being a matron of honor. Weddings are so fun! and I hope Hal does well on his Finals. Cody's almost done just one more and it only involves watching a movie and writing about it. By the way we're flying home Friday so I probably wont get your card until after Christmas! But I'm still glad it's coming.

Mama Rachel said...

You know, it must be a Nielsen thing, because my brother and I never have had a good picture taken of of us, either! :-p For some reason, a person holds up a camera, and our goofy genes rise to the surface. BOOM! Crossed eyes, tongue out, nostrils flared, etc., etc., etc....

(I sooo get it, Hal! ;-D)

You look adorable in that hat, by the way, Miss Sam! :-)

Sam said...

super pretty lights! and i agree with your comment on my blog about being twins! haha, we so are!

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