Thursday, December 16, 2010

1940s Hairstyle help

I need some advice. My closest friend is getting married this weekend and we've decided to go for a vintage look. I've done the vintage look before. I did it at my wedding, my amazing brother in law did my makeup and his friend did my hair. I went to link it to picture from my wedding and then I realized that I haven't ever posted many pictures from my wedding, so here is one of my hair by the end of the night, so it was a bit messy, but it was hard to see it when I had my veil in earlier in the day.

Don't you love the intensity of the guy talking to us? This is Hal's Dad's best friend, and Hal's middle name came from him. Oh yeah, pardon my tangent.
I have 1940s style on my hair quite a few times for different events. I did it for the vintage photo shoot, if you need a refresher. I also did it for Halloween this year because I was a 40's girl. So anyway, I wanted to try a new way of doing it for the wedding. Maybe make it a little bit more true to the 1940s. I started searching on youtube to find videos, there were a lot of really good ones.

I found this one:

But my problem is...I have long hair. The girl in the video's hair looks so cute, but my hair is like twice as long as that. I have long, curly/wavy really thick hair....Does anyone have any suggestions or seen any videos on how to turn long hair into a really cute 1940s hairstyle? My hair pretty much does what I tell it to do, so if you have a suggestion, it might work on my hair. I was thinking of trying to do an altered version of this hairdo and somehow change the long part, like maybe pin it to look shorter? So please, if you've done 1940s hairstyles, or if you have come across a video, please let me know...because I am going to do pin curls in my hair tomorrow night and sleep on them so they'll be dry Saturday morning. So please, give me your suggestions, and quick!


Sam said...

have fun at the wedding! i love your hair in the photo from yours. the girl's hair in the tutorial looks gorgeous, but i'd have the same problem with the style that you would. i hope you are able to come up with something that works!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I love that first photo!!! Go for it! I have long hair now and never know what to do with it!

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