Wednesday, December 22, 2010

1940s up-do

Alright guys, I'm about to unveil hours and hours of work...on my hair. It seriously took a really long time. It took at least 2 hours to put pin curls in my hair, 9 hours to let it dry, during which I slept with a scarf over my hair, and then probably another 1 1/2 hours to actually style my hair. I was trying to go off of the video I posted here. It was hard because my hair is not only long, but thick.

I'm pretty bummed because on Friday night my SD card in my phone somehow got damaged and I had to reformat it, which meant I lost all of my personalized settings, and ALL of my photos. Luckily I have a lot of them, here on my blog, or on my email, but it's still such a bummer because there were some that I hadn't uploaded yet, like the pictures of my pincurls when we finished at midnight. If you don't know, this is what they look like...except I had so much hair that my pin curls had to be layered.
Apparently pin curls is how they started most of their hairstyles in the 1940s. That's how they got those soft waves in their hair, and that's how they did their up-dos. What's nice about pin curls is that your hair will do almost whatever you want after you've done pin curls. You have to brush it out like crazy though if you don't want little curls all over. Ok, so here starts the picture palooza of the process of doing my hair. This is it right after we took out all of the curls.
It's just a little bit curly...My hair is so much longer than that, it's crazy how much shorter it gets after setting in curls all night. Then you're supposed to run your fingers through it.
Did someone say big? I thought it look like a judge's white wig from back in the 1800s or something. Especially because the top layers were so curly and the top was more flat. 
Similar, no?
Oh man, I was a bit worried at this point, but after a lot of brushing, and a lot of magic on the part of my mother-in-law and a lot of hairspray it ended up like this.
I'd say it turned out pretty similar to the hair in the video, but a little longer since I have a lot more hair. A lot of people asked if I cut my hair. Nope, it's all there, it's just tucked away underneath. It probably would have lasted longer if I had made it a bit shorter because it kept rubbing against my coat, or anything really and then stray hairs would come out from underneath. When I took out my hair at the end of the night I had 33 bobby pins in it. I wish we hadn't used so much hairspray either. My hair usually does pretty good with whatever you want it to, so I bet it would have done better if we had finished it all and then hair sprayed it, instead of hair spraying it to try and get the hairs to stay underneath. Good to know for next time, because we have a lot of gel and a lot of pin curl clips that we need to put to use!
Some of you may have seen this picture on twitter. I tweeted it right before we left the apartment for the church. I'm so glad I wore these tights, I thought they pulled everything together well, and they're so comfortable, especially on a cold December day.
 This is another bridesmaid and I, all ready and waiting for the bride to finish getting ready. We wore the same dress, and the other 2 bridesmaids wore a similar cut dress, but in burgundy, but the cardigans and the belts pulled everything together so well. The wedding was so fantastic, and I'm really sad these are all of the pictures that I got. That's what happens though when you're in the wedding party and all of your stuff is locked in a room in the basement of the church. I'll definitely have to post pictures once I see the photographer post them, because you'll want to see her vintage inspired dress that she had made! I was so honored to be a part of their wedding, it was such a special ceremony.

Just in case this is my last post for the week, I hope that you all have a wonderful Christmas, filled with family, and the true meaning of Christmas!


my name is lauren. said...

your hair looked beautiful!

i'm not gonna lie....i was a little skeptical after seeing the first photo, but it turned out so so so pretty!

Mama Rachel said...

WOW!!! It looks so good, Sam! :-)


Kell said...

So pretty! Your hair turned out great!!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Oh my gosh! It turned out so great and cute!

{Selma} Crazy Little World Of Mine said...

Love love love your hair. So jealous!!! :) I may try this. Will have to show it to my friend because she loves my hair and wants to do all kinds of fun stuff with it!!! Wohoo!

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