Monday, May 3, 2010

Wheeler Farm = Awesome

The play finally opened and I finally have time at home again. It's nice to just sit around for a bit each day. Ah, it feels good. It also means I finally have my computer back which is also really nice. Here are some pictures from when my friend Heather and I went to Wheeler Farm. Wheeler Farm is literally my favorite place in Utah. I was really hoping that they would have baby ducks, but alas it has been too cold and there weren't any baby ducks or chicken yet, but they did have baby cows, lambs, and goats. They had some baby goats that literally must have been only days old. They could barely walk. Man, they were adorable. I'm so excited I got a video of the cutie goat trying to walk.

Isn't this picture of the rooster so cool? I thought it was so aweome that he was just chillin on the post. Inside those doors is where the baby cows were. We didn't get any pictures of them, but we did leave with their saliva on our hands. Good thing I had hand sanitizer in my purse.
Look at the baby goat! Don't you just want to snuggle with him? So cute!

This is Heather's little girl Chanel. She is the cutest thing ever. Don't you love her face in this picture. Man, she makes the funniest faces all of the time. I wonder where she gets that from....definitely not from perhaps her mother and I always taking pictures while making funny faces. She is the silliest little girl ever, and I just love her to bits.

I sure hope that they have baby ducks soon. I love feeding the ducks there and seeing the babies swim around behind their mamas. So cute. If you haven't ever been to Wheeler Farm, go. Buy a loaf of bread and bring a picnic and you won't regret it. They have really cool stuff where you can take a hay ride around the whole farm and you can milk the cows and take a tour of the old wheeler house. It's definitely worth a trip.


Selma said...

The rooster is awesome! :) And the baby goat is so cute I wanna hold it.

So glad you had a great time!!!! :)


Crazy Shenanigans said...

It looks like it was a ton of fun! I love the goat video!

Elizabeth said...

And now I am obsessed with the name Chanel.

Sam, The Nanti-SARRMM said...

Me and my siblings once fed KFC to the chickens. It was awesome. We discovered that they were cannibalistic chickens. It still is awesome.

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