Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Yep, he's a creeper.

I have a story for you. I read this post on the Boob Nazi's blog and it reminded me that I forgot to post about this.

Last week I went to JoAnn's after work with some friends because we needed to get more supplies to help with a fundraiser that is using our Piccadilly Pear headbands. We we looking around the store and blasted, they didn't have the right kind of elastic. Ugh, they never do. Seriously, we even called around to JoAnn's and none of them had it in stock. Umm, hello, aren't you supposed to get shipments in every Monday? Then why are you constantly out?

Well, we grabbed the next best thing and waited for 18 million years at the cut out counter. Seriously, we counted and the ladies in front of us were getting over 20 fabrics cut and one of them kept going to get more. For real lady? They had one person working the counter. Dumb. So we wandered around the store getting a few things while we waited.

My two friends walked down an aisle while I was looking in the remnants bin. Let me paint a picture for you. Two guys come walking towards me. I don't even know what the other one looked like because of what happened next. So. This guy who is wearing a blue shirt that is like 4 times too big for him and is down to his knees and baggy jeans and has dreadlocks that aren't all the way dread-locked yet (seriously, dreadlocks are the worst, but that's another story) He just oozed yuckiness. He comes walking past me and looks me up and down and says in the most disgusting tone "hey, how you doin" Like worse than Joey on Friends. Much worse.

I gave him the dirtiest look ever. Not even intentionally, It was more a look of disgust and surprise because I could not even believe someone was saying that to me at JoAnns. Come on, it's a craft store. Are guys even allowed in there? He even was walking to the side where he could totally see my wedding ring. That's why it's there. It says I'm married, don't even think about it.

Best part? Right after that a lady walked past me and say "Yikes" hehe. I laughed and said "I know, right?" Pretty sure the guys heard us.

When I told Hal about this he said he felt bad for the guy because of the look that I re-created for him. Seriously? Seriously? You feel bad for the guy who just hit on your wife because I gave him a dirty look? There is something not right about this.

I just don't understand. Hal and my brother in law have said they feel bad for him because it takes a lot of courage to go up to a girl and say something. Umm, pretty sure it wasn't courage that made him talk to me. And it's totally different to go talk to a girl in a social situation...but blatantly hitting on someone in a craft store? That's just wrong. I don't understand where guys get off thinking that it's ok to talk to a girl like that. It's not ok. Don't do it.


Jillian said...

I agree! what a total wierdo! yikes. PS I hate JoAnns. After living in Rexburg where we had the awesome Porters craft store with AMAZING selection in EVERYTHING crafty, anything doesn't compare. :(
Can't wait to see you. I think we pretty much have an apartment next to campus which will be nice. yahoo See you in like maybe a month and a half!!! ^_^

Alissa said...

Oh that's the worst poor thing. I hate when things like that happen it's just creepy.

Allison said...

Haha, you are SO right. Silly Hal, you shouldn't feel bad for creepers who hit on your wife. Really.

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Oh yeah, that's a creeper!

Cristyannie said...

He is definitely a creep and Hal is definitely wrong. That is not okay.

Disguise said...

My first visit here, and I love your blog.

And about the post, omg. such a creep :O

Drop by on my blog sometime :)

Elizabeth said...

I might understand Hal's feelings if it was some nerdy guy who approached you in a nice way to say you were pretty or something, but this guy was just trashy and trying to get a rise out of you.

I laughed at you: are guys even allowed in there?


Kellie said...

There's a difference between working up the courage to say something to a girl.. and what you described. There really is. I'm sure the guy deserved the dirty look, it's what I'd have done!!

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