Friday, January 8, 2010

Our Holiday

Sorry I haven't been posting very much, but my sisters were in town and well, I'd rather spend time with I am finally back.

Here are the pictures from Christmas, I know I'm really late posting them and if there wasn't something amazing to post, I probably just wouldn't have done it at all, because well, let's face it; I'm lazy.

Hal and I had a secret planned for our families and it went off smashingly. My family on Christmas Eve opens Secret Santa presents and then we open Christmas pajamas and everyone changes into them. We didn't change into ours because we still had to go over to Hal's parents since everyone stays the night over there on Christmas Eve. Well, we finally changed into ours and surprised everyone with these bad boys.
Yeah that's right, Footie pajamas! I was so excited when Hal said that we could get them as our Christmas pjs. Really, he's saving money, maybe he agreed because he knew I would buy them anyway, so this way I didn't have to buy another set of them. He also may kill me for posting the picture below of his brother mike picking him up. Just think Jessie, this could be you guys with your baby (I decided it's a boy) in like 23 years.
We kind of had three Christmases. The Morgan Christmas at his family's house, my family christmas and our family the pictures are kind of split up into those categories, so here are some from the Morgan House
We gave two snuggies for Christmas, because I think they are awesome and wanted to give them to people. This isn't one that we gave, but Beck also got one. We did give one to Hal's dad who you can see in the background of the picture.
Hal received an external frame backpack from his parents. He loved it lots. We even put Lily, our niece in it, but for some reason she didn't really like it. I got a sewing machine from Hal's parents and these amazing gingher plaid sewing scissors from Beck. How awesome is that?
Here is Christmas at my dad's house. Don't you just want to eat up the little boy in the picture below. This is Kaleb, our nephew who I have talked about before on here. Recently his personality has really come out, and he's hilarious. He seems to have taken a liking to Hal. This is them playing on Christmas morning.
Doesn't my little brother look like he's 10 feet tall in his snuggie? and the picture isn't even of his whole body.
Here is our Christmas. We finally made it home late that night to open our presents and have our own little family Christmas. This is the vest that we got free from my work. I knew I would never wear a vest, so I ordered one for Hal instead. He loves it and has basically stopped wearing his awesome pea coat I got for him last year and just wears this with a sweat shirt, everyday. Seriously, he even had it on like 10 minutes ago.
Umm, can you say amazing? Hal had like no time to do things for Christmas because of that class he was taking, so for the most part I had to do it on my own and because of that I thought he hadn't thought much about Christmas for me. Boy, I was wrong. I wanted this hat so bad, and it was mega on sale at Urban Outfitters, but it was $40 in the store. Well, he went into the store and they gave him the online price. Yay! I had no idea that he got me this, so it made me really happy. I saw a little box under the tree and I thought it was jewlery which made me kind of sad because I'm not a big jewlery person. I was also wrong, it was one of the new very cute and little Ipod shuffles. That was a huge surprise, since I've never had anything like that.
The next day was Hal's little brother's birthday and we were also taking family pictures. My sister is a photographer and took the pictures. Hal got up that morning and shaved for the pictures, when he came out he looked like this...
And in case you were wondering....yes, he did use my mascara to make it look darker. That tube of mascara was promptly thrown away, which was ok because it was rather old anyway. His mom thought he seriously wanted to keep it for the pictures. So while his brother Beck was doing my makeup Hal shaved it off.
Hal's family has a tradition where they go to the mall and draw names and you have to buy a present for that person for $5. We didn't do it last year, so I was excited to do it this year. Dane was bummed that we were doing it on his birthday, since we didn't have time before Christmas. So someone came up with the idea that we all buy for Dane instead of each other. It was a big surprise for him.
We mixed up his birthday and Christmas presents, so he got his Christmas present on his birthday. He got some sweet bad boy dinosaur footie pjs! His parents bought him luggae for his 18th birthday, how amazing is that!
I am so lucky, my brother in law is a makeup artist for Mac, and he's amazing. You would think that I would actually know how to put on makeup, and be good at it, or actually wear it regularly, but I don't. I was excited he offered to do mine and my sister in law's makeup for the family pictures. That night after we had a lovely fondue dinner for dane's birthday we got to go through his leftover makeup from the last collection. Seriously, how lucky am I? Everyone kept telling me I look good in lipstick, what do you think?
Beck had this funny dark purple lipgloss that we all put on for fun.

We had a lovely holiday season, and I can't believe that it is already over. Weird. We had a pretty low key new years, some friends came over to my dad's and we played games with my sister who was in town. I hate how New Years Eve has an expectation with it to be at some hoppin party, 'cause I'm pretty sure that I'm the furthest thing from hoppin there is.
I hope you all had a lovely holiday season!


The Boob Nazi said...

I love the footie pajamas.

Allison said...

I think you look GREAT in that lipstick! :D And the pajamas are just ADORABLE. I have to say, I have NEVER heard of a guy mascara-ing down his mustache to make it darker. Props, Hal. :D

Anonymous said...

haha i loved this post! So glad you guys had a good christmas! that hat is so cute! go hal! and you look gorgeous as usual! the snuggie idea is so awesome! but i LOVE the footie pajamas! i want some!

Selma said...

Great post! I love footie pajamas; I think I need to buy them again. hehe. :)

Morgan Familia said...

I've decided it's a boy too! I love that picture of Mike holding Hal - it made me laugh so hard!!!
You look hot in lipstick :)

eMily eLiZaBeTh said...

you are damn hillarious
and i must say you look great in lipstick! like a sassy gretta garbo..russian spy:)
i want a zebra snuggie

Elizabeth said...

Lipstick is a yes!

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