Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Erin's Promise

I'm not really one to post and advertise for other things, but this one is important. My family is doing something pretty darn exciting, at least I think so anyway.

My dad is a writer. He has been writing on the side since I was little and has even had some books published. One was even in Desert Book stores. I don't been to brag, but well, I think it's pretty cool.

Anyway, when my family lived in Washington we put on one of his plays as a stake play. It was pretty successful, but it wasn't for profit or anything, but it was still awesome. It's been quite a few years since those days, and well, my dad has had the itching to put it on again. SO here comes the point of this post. I need your guys help. I know that this blog isn't amazingly popular or anything, but it's more popular than the blog we created for the play, and I know that some of the people who read it live right here in Utah.
We are putting on the play again...and we're going to take it around Utah. We are having open auditions for the play on January 29th from 6-9 and 30th from 12-5 at the Lehi Arts Center located at 685 North Center Street in Lehi, obviously. This is where your help comes in. We need help spreading the word. The play won't be successful if we don't have a good cast, and having a good cast means we need a lot of people to find out about this and come to the auditions. Well, I guess that isn't the only thing that makes it successful...but we'll get to that in a few months.

Do you think you could help? Spread the word? We're not looking for amazingly huge big shots, we want people who are good, and need a chance to show their talent, need a chance to start up, 'cause we're starting up too. We're looking for more than just singers, dancers, and actors, we're looking for stage crew, choreographers and basically anyone who wants to lend a helping hand. And if I'm not mistaken...I think that the leads get paid? What a better way to spend your summer than traveling around the state acting in a play and getting paid. I'm sure you could probably make more money doing something else, but would it be more fun? I think not!

Please help us spread the word, let everyone you think might be interested know about us. We have a blog and a website for more information. You can actually register for the auditions before hand by going the Erin's Promise website. Or if you are interested and still want more information, you can contact my dad directly at higheststar52@gmail.com


Anonymous said...

wow! that is so cool sam! i will spread the word! and my mom wrote a book back in the day and had it published and sold it at Deseret Book too! it's called What do they do all day in heaven? its a childrens book..she wrote it after my little sister passed away to help explain to me and my sister what had happened! anyway, this is way cool!

Elizabeth said...

Very cool! Wish I was closer to Utah :(

Selma said...

This is cool. Yes, I wish I lived closer to Utah but I know people and can still spread the word! :D

Jillian said...

AWESOME!! I remember Chauntel was in that (so was I but I stunk) ^_^ Awww, I wish I was there so I could see it. Just promise me you will be doing it the later half of the year too. We will be moving there in the end on April.

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