Thursday, December 3, 2009

Christmas Music

Boo! Two nights ago my laptop got a mega virus on it. I wasn't even doing anything naughty, I swear. Hal and I were looking at apartments to find this one he randomly saw and really liked and he clicked on one....not even an outside link and it immediately downloaded a virus onto my computer. It liked to pretend it was anti-virus software to get you to download it and make your computer even worse, but I didn't fall for it, because I know I didn't have anti virus on my computer, so I knew it wasn't real.

How bad is that, I didn't have anti-virus so I knew something was wrong? Maybe pretty bad. So I called up my trusty computer guy, my brother in law, but by that time it wouldn't let me do anything, it would just say this file is infected, want to download? No! I don't want to download you, I want to download the anti-virus stuff he told me to get. Luckily he is amazing and last night he came to my dad's after work where we were having our meeting and he fixeded up my computer. Yay! I have to do another scan, so I am doing my post from my work computer, so no pictures, sad day. You'll just have to stay tuned for a funny picture post I have planned.

Anywho, I have started listening to Christmas music on Kosy and 100.3...those aren't the same, right? I get their titles and the station number mixed up. I don't like to do too many Christmasy things before Thanksgiving is over, because I don't want Thanksgiving to be overlooked. So the day after Thanksgiving as I was driving at 3:30 to pick up my little brother and my brother-in-law and head to Target I officially turned on the Christmas music.

We may even go get a tree this Saturday. I hate fake trees, I've had a real tree my whole life, and it's definitely something I want to carry on in my family, so last year we had a real tree and we will this year, as soon as we can find our tree stand, which Hal said he thinks he brought to my dad's to store with all of his decorations, 'cause that makes so much sense. I think we're going to be house/babysitting this weekend, and I thought it would be fun to take the boys with us to get a tree. Good idea, no?

Oh right, I got distracted, back to Christmas music. Does anyone else think it's weird that at the beginning of Frosty the Snowman it says "Happy Birthday" What in the world? Are they saying happy birthday to Frosty, or to any random person who is listening to the song, in case it might be their birthday. If it's to Frosty, the song says he will be back again someday, so maybe he had been made before, and it wasn't really his birthday. It truly is a conundrum. Just kidding, I just wanted to say that word.

I must be listening really closely to these songs because we were listening to We Need A Little Christmas the other day and I noticed it said this "Carols at the spinet" Again, What? I was confused because I thought it said carols up the spinet and that didn't make sense to me. Hal said they just needed a word to rhyme with minute, and I said it would say carols up the wazoo, because I like that word better; and I was pretty sure they made up the word spinet.

Apparently I was wrong though. I looked up the word spinet, and it is another name for a harpsichord. Yeah, try fitting that into a song. Alright fine, I will let the word spinet slip, but not Happy Birthday.

Maybe I should be a lyric editor for songs for a living? That seems like a promising career choice. I'll have to double check with Hal and see what he thinks.

I hope you all are enjoying your Christmas music, and are beginning to feel the holiday spirit!


Anonymous said...

haha, i never noticed that it said happy birthday at the begninning! i have been listening to those stations too, so i will be sure to listen for that..haha. sorry about your computer! glad you got if all fixed though!good luck finding your tree stand! i would LOVE a real tree...but it would probably die because i would forget to take care of it..

Shane and Chelsea Elton said...

Thanks so much for your comment!! I think your blog is way cute too! And now that you mention it, why in the world do they say "Happy Birthday" at the beginning of Frosty? So wierd! Haha.

Kenna Christensen said...

oh i love christmastime!! i recently gave into listening to holiday music :0 best decision!!! and you and your hubby are beautiful!

Selma said...

So sorry about the virus thing. Hate when that happens. :( Glad to hear you got it all fixed! :D And yay on Christmas music. They don't play it as much on the radio here...I wonder why. It's getting me into the spirit but without it I don't know what can. And I never noticed it says happy birthday at the beginning of that song, I need to pay more attention next time. ;)

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