Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Family Reunion

Here are the pictures from Hal's family reunion. We had a blast up in Idaho. The Nielsen family reunions are intense, so many people come and the last two years it has been so much fun. All of them put so much work into it to make it great, and it was. It was our first time camping together. It was freezing, but it was fun.

Do you like our huge flash light? It is seriously huge.
We hitched onto the Peterson's campfire. Thanks for sharing your smores and starbursts!

Hal and Dane are so nice to each other
I thought the smoke from the campfire made this picture turn out cool. This is Traci and Scott with Vaughn's daughter Ella? I think that's right.
Look at Hal's face! He was grumpy that I wanted to take a picture together before church because he thought we were going to be late.

So here is another summer adventure for Sam & Hal. Hal loves camping so he was happy we got to do it a few times this summer.


Scott & Traci said...

Cute pictures! I especially like the last one- Scott says he feels your pain Hal ( I always make him take TOO Many pictures, and sometimes when we are late-totally a Scott&Traci scenario too!) And That is a sweet picture of us and you got her name right too! I decided she kind of looks like she could be our daughter ;) Teehee :) Anyways! We'll have to swap picures! I have a few of you two too!

Ohhh! And we get to see you guys in... 2 weeks! :)

Big Mama Morgan said...

Ha ha, that sounds like Mike - grumpy when we're late for church. We wish we hadn't missed out this year... guess there's always after we graduate to hang out with family :)

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