Friday, August 21, 2009

It's a mad mad mad world

I finally remembered to update from my computer, so I can add pictures. So here are some pictures from a recent event, I know I'm a month late in posting them, but here are the pictures from Heather's Mad Hatter Alice in Wonderland tea party Birthday!
Judy came up with the great idea and surprised us with the tea party when we came back from dinner. Her, Hal, Dane, and I made red velvet cupcakes without red dye, and we used a beet puree instead. The batter was very red, but they turned out pretty brown, which was a bummer. I'm not a big chocolate fan, but they were some of the yummiest cupcakes i've had. Dane and Judy made some meringue to go on top to make them look like the Alice in Wonderland mushrooms. They turned out sooo great! Here are some pictures!

I didn't actually get any pictures of us eating them and having tea, so this is thanks to Judy. We started without the boys as they were outside throwing knives


Scott & Traci said...

Fun! I want to come! :) Beet juice sounds sweet! We make brownies with Zuchinni in them :) good stuff! So... We are planning on coming to Salt Lake for Conference, and want to go to the Red Iguana, would you two like to go too?

samnhal said...

Heck yes we do!

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