Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I hate it

I hate how they suck you in to loving a product and then they just stop producing it. I have used Max Factor mascara for quite a while. I like the soft black with the bristles that move. It's good mascara, and once you find something you like, why switch?

Well, I went to the grocery store today and Proctor and Gamble isn't going to sell it in the U.S. after 2009. Boo!
Luckily, it is buy 2 get one free...so I need to stock up.

That has happened with at least three different products to me now in the last few years. It was awesome when Marianne found old school Herbal Essences and gave me two of the bottles.

On a different note, I have come to realize something. I don't know if it is just my life or most women's lives but I have come to realize that I tend to get bogged down by life to the point where I kind of feel I can't control my life anymore. And then it dawns on me...I need a blessing. It's amazing what clarity the priesthood being exercised over me can bring. What a blessing a blessing can be. Thanks again Hal :)

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